The environment is “big news” with exciting new products and initiatives being introduced into the market every day. To keep abreast of the latest, I encourage organizations to e-mail me information on new developments – or background information that can help me with stories I’m currently working up for national publications (a few are listed below). My specialty is profiling people (home builders, contractors, home owners), or a specific project to give my articles a more understandable and approachable perspective. Sometimes I might document an interesting project without a specific story in mind – and use it later for a broader piece.

Green Home Builders

I’m always looking for both big and smaller home builders (and land developers) that have made a commitment to green. I really like to find those builders that may not have had as much media coverage as others.

Green Projects

I’m on the lookout for progressive renovations or new homes that are in a variety of styles and sizes (multi-family, live/work, lofts and affordably priced green homes are great too!) - love to get interviews with homeowners on what it's like to live in a green house.

Green Collar Jobs

One of the topics that's come up during the presidential campaign is green collar jobs. What are some of the new jobs emerging in the market – and are these already in demand? What new programs/degrees are being offered by schools (in the U.S. and abroad)? Are there headhunting firms/job hunting websites that specialize in green/sustainability?


What is it – what certifications are available? Are hotels and resorts finding a lot of interest in this? Are there cases of “green washing.” I’m interested in visiting hotels/resorts/tourist areas that are tapping into this trend.


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