Urbane (ər-ˈbān) - notably polite or polished

Environmentalists are often stereotyped as “crunchy” or “radical” - but a lot of us are nice people who have a sense of humor and believe in the old saying that you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.  Using the five W's (the fundamental list of questions every good journalist answers in a story), I present what I think it means to be green.

Who do I think I am?

Coming from a family of writers, educators and builders - it's no wonder I ended up being a journalist with a special focus on construction. The last 22 years I've bounced back and forth from television news and magazine writing to heading up two of the country's top green building initiatives. Throw in a little stand-up comedy and a stint as a Georgia State University instructor - and it’s a safe bet there’s no one else in the world with my experience.

What on Earth am I doing here?

So many news articles, business reports and PowerPoint presentations about the environment are either boring, inaccurate or unnecessarily alarming. The Urbane Environmentalist is my chance to create more interest in the green movement while respecting a market that I sincerely believe is trying do the right thing.

When and where did it all start?

While serving on a panel at the American Institute of Architects in D.C., I was asked, "When did you first consider yourself an environmentalist?"  I said I think it goes back to when I was a toddler - my family teasingly recalls that I happily entertained myself with two leafy branches held firmly in my hands proudly calling them my “trees.”  I still feel a strong connection to nature – even though I live in a high-rise loft in downtown Atlanta.

Why should you care?

The enormous amount of work hundreds of organizations do on behalf of the environment deserves our praise – but I cringe when groups or individuals self-righteously think they have all the answers. We come at the solutions from different places and should be made to feel good about doing what makes sense on a personal and professional level.

It really comes down to education and encouragement - and my goal is to be notably polite and polished in my role as The Urbane Environmentalist.   


The view from Whiteside Mountain, N.C.  


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